How Can You Tell That Your Diesel Boat Engine Needs Maintenance Services?

How Can You Tell That Your Diesel Boat Engine Needs Maintenance Services?

21 December 2020
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Boating is a unique and relaxing experience. However, your goal to relax and spend time in the sea can turn into serious trouble if you are not careful about the condition of your boat's components. The boat engine is the most important part of your vessel. When it is operating well, you can go anywhere you wish inside the water without the fear that the boat will break down and ruin your day or compromise your safety on the water.

The best way to ensure that one of your boating trips doesn't head south because of a boat breakdown is by watching out for the signs of trouble. Here are three common ways you can tell your boat might have problems and how to deal with them.

When It Keeps Sputtering and Losing Power

The typical reason why a boat with a good engine will sputter and lose its power is when the fuel runs out. However, if your boat keeps losing power, even when the tank is full, you have a problem in your hands. You could be facing issues with the fuel filters or the plug.

It would help if you change the filters regularly because when they keep the debris from getting into the system, they remain with some of it. If you are in the sea and cannot access another filter, remove the one in place and clean the gunk. When you replace it, the engine will resume normal function.

When the Engine Keeps Overheating

The other common boating problem is when the engine keeps overheating. This happens when there is no flow of water in the cooling loop. Since your boat does not have a radiator like a vehicle, it relies on the seawater to cool off the combustion heat from the engine. To solve the problem, check whether there is an obstruction to the intake of raw water; remove the seaweeds and any other debris causing the issue.

When the Engine Refuses to Start

Another common problem is when the engine refuses to start. It is common when you have a low or dead battery or when there is a problem with the ignition circuit. The best way to resolve the problem is to replace the faulty wiring.

These are quick fixes to the small issues that can affect your boat at sea. The best way to avoid all of the problems is by investing in regular maintenance checks and inspections. Contact marine diesel services for further assistance. 

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