Why Completing Regular Truck Wheel Alignment Is Vitally Important for Your Commercial Fleet

Why Completing Regular Truck Wheel Alignment Is Vitally Important for Your Commercial Fleet

6 February 2020
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Are you a commercial truck operator? Maintaining and servicing your fleet on a regular basis is a normal part of your title. There are several things that you will need to do to optimise the safety and performance of your trucks. One of them is completing regular wheel alignment on the vehicles.

There are so many benefits that proper truck wheel alignment brings to your fleet management and operations. Check out some of the top advantages of wheel alignment for trucks below.

1. Increases Vehicle Safety

Misaligned wheels can cause accidents involving commercial trucks. When your truck wheels are thrown out of alignment, they will cause the vehicle to pull to one side of the road without any action on the part of the driver. This will affect the driver's ability to control the vehicle. 

When truck drivers lose control over the vehicle, they are more likely to get involved in an accident, which results in vehicle damage and injuries to people. Getting your truck wheels checked on a regular basis is vital to maximise the performance of your vehicles' steering controls, thus improving the safety of the vehicles.

2. Reduces Tyre Wear

When your truck wheels are not properly aligned, the tyres bear the brunt of the misalignment problem. Tyres attached to misaligned wheels are likely to suffer irregular wear, which shortens the lifespan of the tyres. If you don't keep tabs on the alignment of your truck wheels, you are more likely to require a premature tyre replacement.

If you want to get the most out of your tyres, be sure to complete regular wheel alignment on your trucks.

3. Reduces Mechanical Breakdowns

It is not just the tyres that suffer when your truck wheels are incorrectly aligned – other mechanical components of the vehicles, such as the suspension and steering systems, can also develop problems. These problems may result in vehicle breakdowns that cause delays and cost you money.

Performing regular wheel alignment on your trucks helps to identify and fix potential mechanical issues that may happen due to misalignment of the wheels, thus minimising the risk of downtime.

4. Improves Fuel Economy 

Did you know that misaligned wheels can increase the fuel consumption of your trucks? Misaligned wheels combined with other issues, such as incorrect air pressure in your tyres, can hurt the fuel economy of your fleet. This is because the tyres will encounter increased rolling resistance as they rotate on the road surface. 

Need to arrange truck wheel alignment service for your fleet? Get in touch with the tyre and wheel specialists at an auto service centre near you today.

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