Roof Basket Buying Guide: 4 Key Features to Consider

Roof Basket Buying Guide: 4 Key Features to Consider

11 February 2020
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A roof basket creates extra storage on your vehicle's roof, and you can use it to transport anything from your bike to camping essentials. However, the versatility and capabilities of the roof basket primarily depend on its features and quality. Therefore, if you are on the market for a new one, here are five essential elements that will increase the functionality, performance and durability of the accessory.

Modular Design

A modular roof basket is one with small parts that can be disassembled and assembled back together. A modular design is ideal for two reasons. First, you can easily modify the basket to increase its functionality. For example, you can add expedition rails, cover items using a tarp to protect them from the rains during the rainy season or even construct a full platform. Second, if a part of the unit gets damaged, a modular design would make it easy for you to swap the broken or bent part with a new one without replacing the entire basket.

Multipurpose Roof Basket

Roof baskets aren't just designed to transport bikes. There's an endless world of opportunities out there, but only if you get a unit that is designed for multipurpose use. What kind of activities do you like engaging in? What items do you use, and can they be transported on the roof of a car? If so, the basket should have accessories to make this happen. Examples of things you can carry on the basket include water and fuel cans, skis, canoes, lumber, surfboards, and much more!

Less Weight, More Strength

When most people go out to buy roof racks, they assume that a heavy frame means more strength. However, this is not the case. You don't need a heavy steel basket to carry heavy items. A heavy rack adds extra weight to your vehicle and reduces your carrying capacity. Instead, opt for a light yet sturdy material, such as aluminium. Despite being light, an aluminium basket can accommodate as much weight as steel. However, avoid overly cheap baskets with weak straps and buckles as they won't last long.

Low Profile and Aerodynamic Design

One concern with roof baskets is they tend to increase wind drag and reduce the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. More drag means more noise, which can be distracting and annoying. To avoid this problem, invest in a low-profile basket with an aerodynamic design. A low profile makes it easy to load and offload the rack, and it also makes it easy to access low parking garages. An aerodynamic design features rounded edges, which reduce wind drag and noise and increase the car's fuel efficiency.

Make your long road trips and camping adventures easier to plan by investing in a quality roof basket for equipment storage. Hire an expert to install the rack for you so you can get the most value from it!

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