Two Tips for Those Who Need to Have the Body of Their Food Truck Repaired

Two Tips for Those Who Need to Have the Body of Their Food Truck Repaired

13 February 2020
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If the body of the truck from which you operate your food truck business has been damaged and is due to be sent to the mechanic for repairs, you may want to take a peek at the tips below.

Prep the truck interior before the truck body repairs get underway

Despite the fact that the mechanic will be working on the exterior body of the truck, you will probably still have to prep the truck interior before handing it over to them. The reason for this is as follows; if the repair work will involve patching up large scratches or replacing missing chunks of paint, then you should remove all of your food supplies from inside the truck and cover all of your cooking equipment (like your frying baskets, food prep worktops, stovetop, etc.) with a waterproof cover.

The reason for this is as follows; mechanics who fix damaged paintwork on vehicles will, after prepping the damaged patches on the body, normally use a spray gun to apply the primer and the paint; this will emit a cloud of the aforementioned fluids onto the damaged section.

If the damaged area is near the food truck's awning door (i.e. the window through which you serve your food), some of the tiny paint or primer droplets could get into the interior of the truck, through any tiny gaps between this door and the panels that surround it. If the mechanic needs to keep this awning door ajar in order to access a section of the body panel underneath it, then it is extremely likely that a small amount of the fluid from the spray gun will land in the truck interior.

Whilst you might not be able to see this minuscule amount of the paint or primer, it could still result in you having to throw away food or deep-clean your cooking equipment if it lands on these goods, because it is not safe for consumption. As such, it is better to simply remove what you can from the truck interior and cover the remaining items, prior to giving the truck to the mechanic.

Use this incident as an opportunity to revise the design of the truck

Whilst you may have been frustrated when you first realised your truck had to be fixed, this issue could actually turn out to be a great opportunity to revise the truck's exterior. If for example, you decided to keep the truck's original paintwork when you first bought it, because you felt that getting it repainted would be an unnecessary extravagance when the paintwork was still in decent condition, now might be a good time to change it. Getting it done now, when the truck has to undergo bodywork repairs anyway, will allow you to change the paintwork so that it matches the main colours you have been using for your brand.

Likewise, if you have been thinking about replacing the existing, narrow pull-down shelf on which your customers eat their food with a much wider one that will allow them to fit their meals on it more easily, then now would be a great time to get this feature installed.

For more information, contact a truck repair service.

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