Standard Dump Trucks vs. Side Tipper Trailers—3 Reasons to Choose the Latter

Standard Dump Trucks vs. Side Tipper Trailers—3 Reasons to Choose the Latter

29 June 2020
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If you own a construction or logistics company, you may be contemplating on boosting the efficiency of your work. But have you ever thought of hiring a side tipper trailer? This open-bed truck is highly efficient as it empties its load by tipping over the side instead of the conventional front-back method.

You'll commonly find side tippers in the mining industry or construction sites. So, what makes these trucks so unique, and why should you incorporate them into your business? Here is why:

1. Gives Operators a Better View While Offloading 

When operating a standard dump truck, a driver's view of the load behind is often obstructed because its bed raises and tilts to the back. As a result, the driver is unable to comprehend how the cargo is emptying from the truck. Drivers operating standard dump trucks must rely on the help of contractors on the ground to offload materials safely. Without the help of someone on the ground, there can be a high risk of accidents happening.

However, while operating a side tipper trailer, drivers are fully aware of the cargo and the offloading spot. This way, they have full control of the task at hand and do not require any help from other operators on the ground. As such, this promotes safety and allows for high accuracy in projects. 

2. Allows for Even Emptying of Loads

After emptying the materials using standard dump trucks, you must level them again since they leave behind large, unorganised piles. However, using a side tipper will help you empty the load evenly. As such, they are ideal for construction and other related projects that require filling up large, empty trenches. Additionally, using side tipper trailers reduces the manual labour needed during such tasks.

3. Can Safely Handle Risky Materials

Materials resting at the front of the standard dump truck's bed must travel its entire length to the back for emptying. As a result, high impact materials like massive rocks can be hazardous to property and people around. However, using a side tipper helps contain these materials and minimise the speed at which they travel during offloading. That means that side tipper trucks help promote safety at job sites.

When making your decision between standard dump trucks and side tipper trailers, it's crystal clear that the advantages associated with the latter outweigh those of the former. Thus, consider keeping in mind these three factors when making your purchase.

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