Why Should You Choose Mine Spec Vehicle Hire?

Why Should You Choose Mine Spec Vehicle Hire?

17 September 2020
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When you use a vehicle for your business, then you want that vehicle to make your life easier, not harder. It is essential that every vehicle on your fleet is capable of performing its required functions without struggling every time you need it. Choosing a vehicle that isn't able to fulfil your needs is only going to lead to ongoing frustration and delays. Nowhere is the specification of the vehicle more important than in the mining industry. Mining locations are some of the most difficult working environments possible, and if you need a vehicle to operate there day after day, then you will need to make sure that it fully complies with a suitably high specification.

Why bother with mine spec vehicles?

Perhaps you have been thinking about expanding your fleet of vehicles with some standard 4WD vehicles rather than bothering with mine spec vehicle hire. If that is your position, then it is important that you think again. While each mine may be different, your location will have undoubtedly developed a set of specifications that all vehicles on their site must meet. Using vehicles that are unable to comply with those standards could place your staff and visitors at risk as well as compromising the operations and safety of the site.

When you arrange for mine spec vehicle hire, you know that you will be getting a vehicle that has every aspect of its performance and safety monitored to ensure that it is ideally suited to its working environment. You won't just be getting a manufacturer standard vehicle but one that has been uniquely customised for your location.

Should you buy or rent your mine vehicles?

When it comes to business vehicles, there will always be a divide between those who prefer to buy their vehicles and those who rent them. While there are advantages on both sides, an increasing number of firms are realising that hiring their vehicles makes more economic sense. Hiring vehicles will remove the need to arrange finance for multiple vehicles and can even open the possibility of tax deductions. In the event that any of your hired vehicles does fail, then it is the responsibility of the hiring company to fix, and you won't need to worry about calling a repair team or sending it away to be maintained. Arranging mine spec vehicle hire will also allow you to choose vehicles that are perfectly suited for your particular environment and exchange them when the needs of your business change.

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