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Standard Dump Trucks vs. Side Tipper Trailers—3 Reasons to Choose the Latter

29 June 2020
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If you own a construction or logistics company, you may be contemplating on boosting the efficiency of your work. But have you ever thought of hiring a side tipper trailer? This open-bed truck is highly efficient as it empties its load by tipping over the side instead of the conventional front-back method. You'll commonly find side tippers in the mining industry or construction sites. So, what makes these trucks so unique, and why should you incorporate them into your business? Read More …

Three Tips That Will Get You The Best Ford Spare Parts

20 May 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

There are two ways to deal with cases where your car parts stop working efficiently. First, if the vehicle is still in fairly good condition, it is best to repair the part. However, there are some levels of damage that need parts to be replaced with a spare. One of the most common repairs is a tire change. Others include brake pads, clutch plate, windshield, transmission parts and others. When replacing your vehicle parts, it is important to make sure that you get the most genuine spares in the market. Read More …

Things You Should Do Before Your Vehicle Is Towed

27 March 2020
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What should you do when your vehicle breaks down or gets into an accident? Although some vehicle owners opt to seek road assistance services, it is always safer and more convenient to get your vehicle towed. Towing companies are usually prepared to offer reliable recovery services at any time of the day, so you don't get stranded or leave your vehicle in the middle of nowhere. But before these experts can tow your stuck or damaged car, there are certain things you are required to do to ensure there are no mishaps. Read More …

Tips for saving costs when renting a car from the airport

24 February 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Many people value car airport rental services. The service is convenient, cost-effective and easily accessible to travellers. However, you may also end up spending more when renting a car at the airport than necessary. If you're on a tight budget but would still prefer the car hire option, here are some useful cost-saving tips you should keep in mind.  1. Choose the right-sized vehicle Car rental costs vary significantly by the type of vehicle you choose. Read More …

Two Tips for Those Who Need to Have the Body of Their Food Truck Repaired

13 February 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If the body of the truck from which you operate your food truck business has been damaged and is due to be sent to the mechanic for repairs, you may want to take a peek at the tips below. Prep the truck interior before the truck body repairs get underway Despite the fact that the mechanic will be working on the exterior body of the truck, you will probably still have to prep the truck interior before handing it over to them. Read More …

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